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The hills of Arba Bijaya have been transformed into a thrilling playground, with the Pokhara Enduro organisers putting the finishing touches on their preparations for the much-anticipated mountain bike event.

The organisers worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail was polished, assuring an amazing experience for both participants and spectators. The three-day event begins on November 23, drawing a total of 55 participants from 11 countries.

A dedicated team of organisers was seen installing bespoke barrier tape throughout the race courses. Each stretch of tape was meticulously placed to define the boundaries and lead the riders across the rugged terrain of Arba's scenic highlands.

PoE Tape1700388769.jpg
The Pokhara Enduro crew members fix bespoke tape along one of the six trails built for the event.                         Photo: Pokhara Enduro

The team thoroughly investigated every inch of the race trails to ensure the safety of the competitors. It also marked hazards along the route, ensuring that riders would face challenges that would test their skills and drive. From steep descents to tight turns, these courses promised to be a true test of endurance and technique.

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As the sun rose, casting a warm glow on the landscape, the hills of Arba came to life with a burst of colour. Banners, adorned with the names of sponsors and partners, flapped in the wind, creating a festive atmosphere. These bright signs not only added a touch of flair to the scenery but also showed that the businesses and people in the area were behind the exciting event.

With the adrenaline-fueled excitement that awaited the riders and spectators, the organisers are proud to have put together an event that would push the limits of the biking experience.

"Behind-the-scenes work is its own reward when you receive positive feedback from the participants," said Wilson Low, who has been immersed in event operations while sitting "on the other side of the course tape."

The 40-year-old Singaporean mountain biking event consultant added, "Racers are in for a treat in terms of a unique and bona fide enduro experience."

Tape 31700388747.jpg
Customised barrier tape is great for marking course routes, hazards and can be used for crowd control.                Photo: Pokhara Enduro

Ensuring comfort

As the trails set the stage for an exhilarating competition, the organisers are working overtime to address another fundamental requirement: the installation of toilets.

The event organisers successfully persuaded Ward 13 Office to construct restroom facilities with running water in the event’s main venue. The installation of strategically placed sanitation facilities allows participants and spectators to fully engage in the experience without interference from logistical issues.

Photo: Pokhara Enduro

They have also placed clear signage to help guide participants and attendees to the designated area. 

As an event planner, you’ve got to recognise that every detail, no matter how seemingly mundane, contributes to the overall success and positive perception of the event, Race Director Sunil Chandra Sharma acknowledged.

"An event's success is not only measured by the quality of the trails but also by the overall event infrastructure."

By establishing suitable restroom facilities, Sharma said, "we aim to enhance the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of those attending the mountain biking event."

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