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Yangjakot, a popular tourist destination in Kaski, is often cited as an important Gurung settlement preceding the Shah dynasty. Many homestays, which served visitors to the lovely village for over a decade, wore a deserted look during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
As the Covid threat subsided over the past year, the number of visitors to homestays and tourist attractions in Kaski's Madi Rural Municipality-3 Yangjakot increased. 

Three-four groups, homestay operator Khimkumari Gurung says, arrive every day to stay in the homestays. Five-six groups come on weekends. People from Pokhara and the surrounding areas are among her regular customers who come to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Thanks to improved roads and transportation systems, Kaski is now easy to reach.

Yangjakot is 18km from Pokhara's Kanhukhola, through Kaseri, Sunpandheli, Chitepani, Madbensi, and Majhadihi in Tarkang. The first 12km of the Kahukhola-Majhadihi road is blacktopped, and the rest is a dirt track.
Nine homestays are currently in operation at Yangjakot that can accommodate up to 130 visitors. The Madi Rural Municipality office adds to the activities. (3)1672054115.jpg
Homestays run by Gurung and Magar operators are often the preferred choice of visitors due to the quality of service they provide. Photo: Facts of Nepal/Facebook

Considering the recent surge in visitors to the hamlet, Madi Rural Municipality-3 has prioritised the development of historical and tourist sites, says ward Chairman Bikas Gurung.
Yangjakot would have been flooded with visitors had the last 6 km of road to the hamlet been upgraded, he says. "A plan is afoot to pave the stretch up to Krapu Hill, located above the hamlet, to attract international tourists."
The first droplet of snow in the winter attracts hordes of tourists to Krapu Hill, a popular destination for those looking to enjoy the white stuff. Homestays run by Gurung and Magar operators are often the preferred choice of visitors due to the quality of service they provide.
To the east of Yangjakot, at an elevation of 1,450 metres, lies a settlement called Kuria Yangjakot. The scene of 250 clustered houses and their backyards basking in the sun is something to behold. No wonder, more people from Pokhara are making their trip to Kuria Yangjakot these days for a picnic.
According to local resident Sukbir Gurung, the majestic Annapurna mountain range is another major tourist attraction.
Devijung Gurung, the head of the rural municipality, says there has been a steady growth in visitor numbers since the opening of a temporary track between Krapu and Tangting three years ago. "The number of people visiting Krapu has grown dramatically over the past year," he noted.
With snowfall in the winter, rhododendron blossoms, and bright flowers blooming all over the ground in the spring, this region is revered by the Gurung people as their ancestral homeland.
Besides the sunrise, the picturesque Kaski and Lamjung villages and Annapurna and Lamjung Himal win over any visitors, Bikash Gurung says. Yangjakot is one of the most popular tourist spots in the Kaski area because of its unique culture and clean natural environment.
Tourist attractions such as Thak, Mauja, Taprang, Khilang, Tarkang, Madbesi Saimrang, the Madi River, and the Annapurna snow range are all visible from Yangjakot.

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