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Are you planning to avoid rains, floods and possible thunderstorms – and stay indoors this weekend? Then it is the best time to plan indoor gatherings with your family members.

Meteorologists predict this weekend won’t be the best time to head outdoors. Reason? Monsoon clouds have shifted north, covering much of Nepal’s hills and plains and they could trigger light to heavy rains nationwide.

What’s even worse? Heavy rains are likely to cause landslides and floods particularly in river basins in the central and western parts of Nepal.

According to a forecast issued by the Meteorological Forecasting Division, as the monsoon trough is located near its normal position, the country will see general to cloudy weather with moderate rainfall with lightning and thunderstorms this weekend.

The Met Division says the wet and cloudy weather pattern will likely continue for the next three days. It adds that some places of Gandaki province will likely receive heavy rainfall for two consecutive nights, starting Friday night.

In an update posted on Friday, The Met Division stated that hilly areas will witness thunderstorms and lightning along with moderate rainfall. Similar weather forecasts have been made for Saturday and Sunday as well.

The Division has also warned of a potential risk of landslides, soil erosion, and debris flow in the hilly areas. And it has asked everyone to exercise general caution as water levels in rivers and canals may rise, which might affect daily life and transport too.

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