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Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has pledged to provide additional land for the development of physical infrastructure on the Shanker Dev Campus in Kathmandu.

Inaugurating a newly built building of the Campus in place of the quake-ravaged building today, PM Deuba said that he will consult the Social Welfare Council and Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen regarding the same.

The Campus is considered one of the top ranking campuses under the Tribhuvan University (TU)-affiliated colleges for management studies.

Furthermore, Deuba urged all the concerned ones not to have political biases towards the Tribhuvan University. "Padlocking does not resolve the issue. Problems in the Tribhuvan University should be resolved through talks."

Minister for Education, Science and Technology Devendra Paudel viewed that Shanker Dev Campus had helped save face in the higher education sector. 

He shared that campus chiefs, TU and Ministry's officials recently discussed in the Ministry to enhance quality of education in the TU and assured that they will be effortful towards improving the quality of education in the oldest university in the country and its affiliated colleges.

"A trend of going abroad for higher education after Grade-12 has increased. An environment should be created to bring in students from India, Bangladesh and China as well as other countries at top colleges like Shanker Dev."

Campus Chief Prof Dr Keshav Raj Joshi said that there is a lack of space in the college as 30 times more students come to Shanker Dev Campus to study. There are now 10,000 students in the Campus.

President of the Nepal Students Union and former student of the campus, Dozang Sherpa, was of the view that the bodies concerned should pay attention to physical infrastructure development of the campus. –RSS

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