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Sangeeta Chhinal, a resident of Beni municipality-7, Mangalaghat in Myagdi, said her self-confidence has increased with educational attainment.

Sangeeta who faced many obstacles in her life for not being able to read and write basics now has a different level of confidence after attaining education up to grade 10.

The Ujyalo Alternative School changed her life by offering opportunities to attend classes. "Now I am not confused to identify the place even in the city. I can operate a mobile phone on my own without anyone's help," she added.

Sangeeta had education up to grade one when she was married.

"I did not even write a,b,c d in English. It was very difficult for me to ask someone's help for identifying the desired place in the city," she said. 

"With the educational attainment up to grade 10, she can write names in English and also read sentences. I also basically understand English utterances. It has made my life easy and I am happy with these changes."

The Ujyalo Alternative School has become an educational hub for those who were deprived of basic education and had dropped school education in between.

They can attain classes up to grade 10 in the school.

Established eight years ago, the school has so far offered educational opportunities to over 100 students.

Nine students had passed SEE in the last two years.  

All 40 students who are currently pursuing their education in the school are women.

Some of the students enrolled in the classes did not continue after they learned basic things.

Mothers who come to the school at 11.00am carrying bags after completing household chores return home at 3.00pm.

"We used to be limited in kitchen and agriculture work. Despite inner desire, we did not get the opportunity for education in the past," said 50-year-old 10th grader Dil Kumari Pun. "My children have completed their education. Now I have leisure time. I am determined to complete SEE from Ujyalo School," she added.

According to the school sources, the capacity of the  aspiring students is assessed first before sending them to class.

The school was established with the assistance of the then District Education Office.

Beni municipality has been providing aid to operate the community-based school which is contributing to expand school education in the district.  


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