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Getting an international degree from European universities with fully funded scholarships is a dream for many.

After realising that their dreams to explore Europe and get a Master’s Degree from some of the continent’s best universities were coming true, 60 Nepali students beamed and congratulated one another as they clicked photos on the lawns of the Delegation of the European Union to Nepal.

The Delegation of the European Union to Nepal, together with the Erasmus Mundus Association Nepal, on Thursday, organised a pre-departure Orientation for the Erasmus+ Scholarships recipients of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree batch 2022-2024.

Erasmus+ is a programme funded by the EU to support education, training, youth and sport. This scholarship is given to students where they will be spending two years full time in European universities to pursue their Master’s Degrees in various fields.

A total of 60 Nepali students have received the scholarship this year, out of which 42 are females. Last year, 49 students received the scholarships, awarded in fields of soil and global change, flood risk management, urban climate and sustainability, forestry and natural resources management, media and communication and vaccinology education.

The Erasmus+ Scholarships cover all expenses, including tuition fees, a living allowance, plus travel and installation costs.

EU Ambassador to Nepal, Nona Deprez said: “EU is proud to support Nepali students. Erasmus is a generous but competitive scholarships programme. We hope that these scholarships will help students to further excel and that they will return to Nepal with enhanced skills and knowledge useful for the country and themselves, as well as with fond memories of Europe.”

The application process of the Erasmus+ Mundus Joint Master’s Degree programme will be opened in October 2022.

Some recipients of the scholarship have shared their happiness to NepalMinute:  

Nawa Bijaya Shrestha, Bhaktapur

IMG_2961 (1) (2)1659705072.jpg

Some of my friends were awarded the scholarship earlier. They suggested that I apply for it. I was not expecting it. In Nepal there are more theoretical courses but we need practical skills too. I am expecting that the course will be more practical which will help me later to make my career in films.

Shrestha is going to Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies for his master’s degree in Film Production in Portugal.

Namrata Bhusal, Kadaghari

IMG_2963 (1)1659705075.jpg

I came to know about this scholarship through my seniors and professors. I am going to the University of Lisbon, Portugal for my Master’s degree in forestry. I will be going to Portugal and later to Italy. It will be a new learning experience in a different country. We can gain a lot of knowledge. We will come to know about the technologies and techniques other countries are using.  

Namrata Karki, Gokarna

IMG_2966 (1)1659705081.jpg

I came to know about this scholarship through my teacher and one of my friends got the scholarships last year. I am interested in water resources. I am going to Dresden University of Technology, Germany to study flood risk management.  

I am both excited and terrified at the same moment. We can get more practical knowledge, field trips and build up networks. I am terrified as I will be living in a different country.  

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