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The Patan High Court has issued a show cause order to the National Sports Council over its decision to dissolve the Nepal Taekwondo Association. 

Following a preliminary hearing on Monday, a single bench of Judge Rajyalaxmi Bajracharya issued the order on a petition filed by NTA President Prakash Shumsher Rana on Friday against five entities, including the National Sports Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

During the preliminary hearing on Monday, Rana also requested the court to issue an interim order. The court turned down the request and called both sides to discuss on an interim order at a later date.

The NSC dissolved the Nepal Taekwondo Association and the National Taekwondo Association – the rival bodies – on December 10, and formed the Nepal Taekwondo Federation. The Rana-led Nepal Taekwondo Association immediately opposed the council's decision.

The NSC also dissolved and reconstituted the working committees of the Nepal Wushu Federation and the Nepal Bodybuilding and Fitness Association. 

On December 10, the outgoing sports minister Maheshwarjung Gahatraj decided to cancel registrations of three sports associations, including Taekwondo, and restructure them.

In July, the 113th meeting of the NSC board formed the Sports Association Dispute Resolution Committee under the coordination of NSC Vice Chairman Shiva Koirala. The minister put a seal of approved on the committee's report.

At a press meet held ahead o the court order on Monday, the disbanded Nepal Taekwondo Association urged all sportspersons to protest the council's move, claiming that the country's sports regulatory body made the decision going beyond its jurisdiction by interfering into the sports association.

Accusing the council of attacking the autonomy of sports associations, General Secretary of the Taekwondo Association Deep Raj Gurung told reporters that they were ready to deal with the council's vindictive approach.

"Coercing two sports bodies formed with different goals and registration procedures to merge, going as far as cancelling their registrations, is unprecedented," Gurung said, adding that they had informed the World Taekwondo Federation about the government's interference.

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