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Lalitpur Metropolitan City Mayor Chiribabu Maharjan has urged Kathmandu Metropolitan City to collaborate with Lalitpur to develop a modern mode of transport to ensure swift and smooth connection between the two cities in the capital.

Speaking at a function organised to observe KMC’s anniversary, Maharjan also urged KMC to work together to complete Lalipur’s ambitious bicycle lane project that aims to connect the valley’s southern hill of Godavari with Shivapuri peak to the north.

Maharjan said: “We already have around three million people living in Kathmandu and Lalitpur. If we develop a metro train to facilitate their travels, it will be cost effective. So let’s work on that and develop something new.”

He was not very specific, but argued that such a project would be technically viable and economically feasible for the two metropolises to jointly pursue. KMC Mayor Balendra Shah has not reacted on Maharjan’s proposal just yet.


In recent times, KMC has remained busy clearing parking spaces, encroached areas - and chasing away street vendors. 

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A similar proposal to develop a monorail around Ring Road – that encircles the two cities – drew a lot of criticism from urban planners. In the absence of a swift, efficient and eco-friendly mode of transport, the capital’s residents have been forced to rely on slow-moving buses or two-wheelers.

As most of the vehicles descend on the streets at once, they have been causing traffic jams and slowing vehicular movements particularly during office rush hours.

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