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Elections 2022

With leaders from different political parties vying for the November 20 polls many doctors are also testing the election waters. While some are contesting the elections on party tickets, others are independent candidates.

NepalMinute talked to a few doctors to learn about their reasons behind plunging into what many call the dirty politics.  Excerpts: 

Dr Ram Prasad Upreti

Dr Ram Prasad1665806170.jpg
Dr Ram Prasad Upreti is a candidate in Kathmandu-5. Photo: Dr Ram Prasad Upreti/Facebook

Dr Ram Prasad Upreti, 64, is an Anatomy Professor, Rastriya Prajatantra Party has pitted Prof Dr Ram Prasad Upreti as its candidate in Kathmandu-5 where he contests, among others, Nepali Congress youth leader Pradip Paudel; CPN (UML)'s Iswar Pokhrel and independent Ranju Darshana.

This is what he had to say:

Political parties are using the country. There is corruption and nepotism in Nepali politics. Qualified people should be in politics so that they can raise voices to uplift the living standards of the people. The party felt my need.  I feel that my candidacy will set an example for the youths that one does not need to have a track record of being behind the bars to compete in elections. I want to motivate youths. 

I have plans to import the technology to improve the agricultural sector. Improvement of cottage and small industries to employ youths will be my top priority.

Prof Dr Ram Prasad Upreti was a professor of anatomy at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital and was also a visiting professor in various medical colleges in Nepal, China, Malaysia and other countries. 

Dr Toshima Karki

Dr Toshima Karki1665806173.JPG
Dr Toshima Karki, a general surgeon is competing in Lalitpur-3. Photo: Dr Toshima Karki

Dr Toshima Karki, 32, is a general surgeon. She was with Patan Hospital until she resigned in September to contest the election bowing to advice from her medical friends. She is competing in Lalitpur-3. Pampha Bhusal from CPN (Maoist Centre) is another competitor in the constituency. 

Competing in the upcoming election was not a plan. It was circumstantial. Lack of infrastructure, human resources, medical equipment and policies in the medical sector prompted me to compete in the election. 

Solid plans and policies are necessary to improve the health sector and people from the medical sector should stay at the top policy-making level to bring the necessary changes. This is what motivated me to vie for the election.

I will be working on women empowerment, youth employment and entrepreneurship and creating opportunities in Nepal. I have also plans to make items necessary during menstruation available and affordable and provide free education for women until they complete their bachelor’s level.

Dr Karki is a health activist and a campaigner. She closely worked with Dr Govinda KC demanding improvements in medical sector. She is also one of the members at Nepal Medical Council. 

Dr Buddhi Man Shrestha

Dr Buddhaman Shrestha1665806446.jpg
Dr Buddhi Man Shrestha is vying from Syangja 2 'Kha' as CPN-UML candidate. Photo: Dr Shrestha/Facebook

Dr Buddhi Man Shrestha, 55, is a dentist and currently the Chairman of Kantipur Dental College Teaching Hospital and Research Centre. He is vying for a provincial assembly seat from Syangja 2 'Kha' as CPN-UML candidate. 

I used to run dental health camps in villages. During the camps I have seen the lack of development in villages. To bring changes in the villages it is necessary for qualified candidates to run the elections. This is why I opted for my candidacy. If we can improve the area we are living then the country can be developed. So to bring about changes in my areas in Syangja I have decided to contest the elections. 

I have plans to bring changes in Gandaki region promoting tourism, water tourism, improving infrastructures in the area. 

Dr Bhojraj Adhikari

Dr Bhojraj Adhikari1665806170.jpg
Dr Bhojraj Adhikari is a candidate from Maoist Center from Chitwan Constituency No.3. Photo: Dr Adhikari/Facebook

Dr Bhojraj Adhikari, 42, is a physician. He was the Chair of the Bharatpur Hospital until he resigned in October 9.

Dr Adhikari is competing as a candidate from Maoist Center from Chitwan Constituency No. 3 against Nepali Congress contender Dr Biswamani Poudel and Dinesh Koirala who is standing up as a dissident against Poudel at the backing of CPN-UML. 

I was interested in politics. To develop a country the health and education sector should be developed, first. But both of these sectors are related with politics because we need to have effective plans and policies. Therefore we need to enter politics to make sound policies. I want to bring changes in health, education, social security, road and physical developments and employment. 

Also, the public has wanted alternative political party candidates. That's the reason my party has selected me and that's the reason I am standing.

Dr Sudin Shakya

Dr Sudin1665806170.jpg
Dr Sudin Shakya is competing as a candidate from Hamro Nepali Party from Lalitpur. Photo: Dr Shakya/Facebook- 2

Dr Sudin Shakya, 45, is a dentist and also a council members of Asia Pacific Dental Federation. He was also the president of Nepal Dental Association. He is competing as a candidate from Hamro Nepali Party from Lalitpur- 2. Prem Bahadur Maharjan from CPN-UML and Krishna Lal Maharjan CPN (Unified Socialist) are his major rivals. 

People want and need change in the country and they need an alternative. I felt that I can do much better than others in terms of bringing changes. I feel that people with skills and qualification should join the politics to bring a change. This is what motivated me to compete in the election. 

My priorities are making district hospital and urban health promotion centre in the district so as to provide health care to the public and lessen the crowd in Patan Hospital. I have also plans to promote tourism. 

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