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Elections 2022

The CPN-UML has announced the names of 32 proportional members of the House of Representatives.

The secretariat meeting on Saturday finalised the names of 22 women and 12 men.

As per the constitutional provision, at least one-third of the total members elected to the Federal Parliament should be women. With 92 seats in the federal parliament, including 34 proportional seats, the UML should have 31 women members.

Four out of UML’s 44 directly elected members to the House of Representatives and nine of 15 National Assembly members are women.

The UML could have fulfilled the one-third provision by selecting 18 women candidates for the House of Representatives. However, the party decided to pick 22 following the party chair’s proposal at the meeting on Saturday.

The names of Menaka Pokharel, Sarita Bhusal, Shobha Gyawali, Bijula Rayamajhi, Nirmala Koirala, Samjhana Thapaliya, Deepa Sharma and Sunita Baral have been sent under the Khas-Arya women.

Meanwhile, Nainkala Thapa, the wife of party Vice-chair Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal, has been included at the top of the list representing Adibasi-Janajatis.

Thapa, who briefly held the portfolio of communication in the erstwhile Oli government, tops the list of names for Adibasi-Janajati women.

Party Deputy Secretary General Prithvi Subba Gurung said Suryakumari Shrestha, Urmila Thebe, Ishwari Gharti, Rankumari Balampaki, Shanti Shrestha and Saraswati Subba were the other names sent under the category.

Similarly, Amrita Agrahari, who joined the UML from the Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) in the run-up to the elections, has been named as an MP from the Madheshi category.

Amritlal Rajbanshi, Bina Devi and Pratishka Tiwari Mukhiya are other names forwarded under this category, while Ashmakumari Chaudhary and Shanti Chaudhary have been picked from the Tharu community.

The party has recommended Eknath Dhakal, the president of Nepal Parivar Dal, among 12 men for the proportional members of parliament under the Khas-Arya category. Other names in this category include standing committee members Raghuji Pant, Eknath Dhakal and Dayal Bahadur Shahi for Khasarya men.

The names of Hemraj Rai and Kaluram Rai, who left the JSP along with businessman Deviprasad Bhattachan to join the UML, have been sent for the Adibasi-Janajati category.

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